SLHC Concerts Basement Series

Malcolm Holcombe
March  10th  2017
Thomas Aaron Garlow

GREAT NEWS to share: MALCOLM HOLCOMB returns to the SLHC Concerts Basement Series Stage
 by popular demand March 10th 2017
Needless to say we are proud to be able to host this genuine legend on our humble stage!
If you are on our mailing list you will receive advanced notice for your seat reservations..

Malcolm Holcombe

“Malcolm Holcombe is fiercely striking every time you encounter him on or off stage. You just get sucked into his extraordinary world of the twisting of words and wisdom that come from a bottomless well. The melodies and fierce rhythms wrap his narrative into an event where you find yourself at his unique musical carnival. Then suddenly he slays you with a sweet love ballad or a sarcastic social commentary.”
In ‘Leavin’ Anna’, Holcombe croons “A working man’s a working man/ Makes the flowers grow.” The labourers, the displaced, the papermill worker, the man who spends “nickels and dimes like hundred dollar bills”, these are Malcolm Holcombe’s people and the ones who live in his songs. But he is far less interested in talking about his own songs than in talking about other musicians whose names come up in the course of a conversation.

Thomas Aaron Garlow

Thoma Aaron Garlow is highly acclaimed for his mastery of the guitar, his style has been described and smooth and powerful. With stellar vocals and home-spun storytelling, he brings a subtle but “straight to the heart” strength and intimacy to his performances.

Voted Summit Songwriter of the Year 2015
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