SLHC Concerts Basement Series

SLHC Concerts Basement Series 
Sycamore Bones
w Andrew Massey
March 16th SOLD OUT
At the heart of Sycamore Bones are its two songwriters, as contrasting as they are tenacious. Cory Kinal (Vocals, Guitar) hails from western New York and commands the stage with a quiet intensity and haunting, bittersweet lyricism. In contrast, Andrew Massey (Vocals, Bass), North Carolina born and raised, croons and howls without restraint to his toe-tapping melodies. Enter Abigail Taylor (Vocals), also an NC native, who ties both sides together with blues-soaked harmonies. Whether they perform as an acoustic trio or backed by their full band, Sycamore Bones integrates north and south, bliss and heartache, life and loss into music that invites you to hang your coat and stay a while.

Andrew Massey

Andrew Massey: It’s with wit, self-awareness, and emotion that Andrew Massey caws and coos his delightful brand of acoustic Americana. Raised in a blue collar, North Carolina family, Andrew first discovered a love for music through the whisper and crack of the classic rock radio station played in his mother's 1990 Plymouth Acclaim. However, the last decade of heartbreak, heartache, remarriage, and the birth of his first child have left Andrew Massey with an exceptional catalog of original material influenced by the songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s, classic country, and indie rock music. With a voice and stage presence loaded with passion and honesty, Andrew delivers his songs that somehow manage to be both abstract and relatable.

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